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Back Home in Chico

Hello everyone!

It is late Sunday night and I am home from an amazing albeit intense week in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The I.C.S.L. Conference was a success and I will be adding more information about that either on this blog and/or at Sunday services. I do want to give you a heads up that the ICSL Leadership Conference will be in February, 2010 in Denver, Colorado; and the summer conference (formerly known as the Asilomar Conference) will be held the last week in July in… the windy city of Chicago! Mark your calendars now and start saving your pennies and airline miles.

The internet access at the Sheraton-Marina was not ideal in terms of reliability(I even used their lobby PC’s) so I was unable to write as often as I had wanted to and unable to manage my e-mail. Therefore, I am a little behind in my ‘reporting’ and responding. In fact, as I signed onto my e-mail here at home, I have (gulp!) 637 e-mails in my Inbox. So, if you have written to me and have not had a reply now you know why. And please have patience with me in getting to respond this week.

Oh so glad to be home and eager to see y’all.