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young girl holding a guitar

Kosmic Kids Using Music

Affirmation: I can learn from the music around me.Today your parents and guardians will be tuning into a concert instead of a lesson today. So I thought it is a good Idea to go over what makes music so important. let’s first understand what music is.  This video shows  That music can influence our emotions but it also…

Faith as a verb for kids

Affirmation- I can use faith as a verb. This week your parents or guardians are learning how to use faith as a verb. They will practice acting out their faith. But that concept can be a little hard to understand sometimes. Today was a good day to learn how to use verbs a little better…

image of a flock of birds flying around at sunset

I Fly Freely

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. The murmurations of migrating birds whirling in the wind like thick black smoke. Thousands of birds making hairpin turns, swiftly shifting up and down and all around, creating irregular shapes in perfect unison as they dance to the symphony of Life conducted by the One Infinite Mind. I know that…

All Unfolds for the Good

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. The One Divine Mind is in and of all things. All is connected and moves in harmony with Itself. Rhythm, balance, purpose and intention is expressed throughout the Universe, as all things move in perfect time and space. Wisdom is the nature and Principle the method of this Divine Infinite…

picture of three kids playing outside

Teaching Faith to Kids

Affirmation: “I live life with faith!“ To start with I would like to identify what faith means to most people. Today we are going to use the definition “A strong or unshakable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence”. Faith is a part of many things. It is part of yourself. Believing that you…

Diversity hands creating a heart shape

The Diversity of Oneness

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. I know that the Oneness of God permeates all things and is the Source of all that is. Whether there be contrasts of light and darkness, cold and warm, wet and dry, it is all One, it is just two sides of the same coin. This Oneness creates a world…

Calm and at Peace

Written By John Boyle R.Sc.P. The Power of God permeates every aspect of life. The dormant strength of a calm sea, the rushing, gushing waters of a cascading waterfall, the beating heart of two people in love. It is all the reflective creation of the Power of God. In the midst of emotional prevailing winds,…

Kosmic Kids at home art project

Affirmation: I am a mirror of your perfection. This fun cooperative art project is designed to encourage partners to team up and make matching paintings by following one another’s lead.In short it allows the kids to be mirrors of each other’s perfection in a very tangible way. What you’ll need: -Paint,Crayons or markers -Drawing paper…