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Daily Word

Appreciation Day

Recently, on Facebook and Instagram, there have been various campaigns about Happiness and Gratitude asking people to list three things that make them happy or thankful.   Appreciation Day was a precursor to that as a way of becoming mindful and taking note of what matters to us. Appreciation Day, August 25th: Personal holiday created…


Each July, I look forward to celebrating the Independence Day holiday week not because of hot dogs (I don’t eat them) or corn on the cob (sadly, allergic) but because I get to devote one Sunday service every year to talking about our early mystics: the Founding Fathers and Mothers of our country. Although, this…

Check, please.

This blog title has nothing to do with restaurant dining. However, it does have to do with finding my way through a recent experience of negative judgment that is still unsettling.  This posting is an attempt to help me understand why I had such a reaction. Last week, while driving in the middle of a…


There was a catchy little tune back in the 80’s by the group Hot Chocolate, “I Believe in Miracles…”and recently, I kept playing that refrain over and over in my head while I was in the process of supporting a congregant during the unexpected transition of her husband. Thanks to the insight about what she…