Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Yearly Events

Every year our Center hosts special events open to the community.

2019 Flyer for Center for Spiritual Living, Chico's Dances of Universal Peace spiritual class in chico. the design is purple with white written text describing the event details

Dances of Universal Peace

Movement means learning to trust yourself & your body By using a variety of sacred dance techniques and chants we can enter a state of inner journeying. Dances of Universal Peace is about deepening your mind-body connection, while having fun with others in the class. As everyone explores using dance – we open and learn…

Flyer for Free Holistic Healing by Center for Spiritual Living, Chico. on January 11 and 25th. With an image of a woman in white clothing meditating

Free Holistic Healing

Free Holistic Healing is all about bringing together quality healing practitioners as one pro-active community, as well as raising awareness of the holistic health options available in Chico. Alternative medicine can be beneficial to a person’s overall well-being, as the approach focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. Treatment methods can help a person to relax, reduce stress, relieve symptoms…

chico meditation event flyer 2020

Soham Satsong Meditation

Guided Group MEDIATION “I am That” A Satsang is a gathering (sangha) around Truth (sat). We come together with the intention to share the space of the Heart in order to find out for ourselves, and in ourselves what the Truth of our Being actually is. Primarily this is a time of getting quiet and…

Flyer for Dunbar Scholarship

Dunbar Scholarship 2020

About the scholarship Scholarship applications are available in the foyer at the Center or by clicking the link below.   Age requirements & deadline dates Are available for students ages 17-25 Application deadline February 9, 2020 Scholarship Awards will be given March 8, 2020

Spiritual class event flyer in chico, ca at Center for Spiritual Living, Chico called Brain Community Circle with a brain design floating above a sunrise

Community Brain Circle

Understand your brain and how it works with Community Brain Circle. This group uses open discussions to talk about important subjects like mental health and thinking patterns. We meet on the first Monday of every month from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm. At Center for Spiritual Living, Chico 14 Hillary Lane, Chico, Ca 95973. Have…