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A Course In Miricles Online


  • A Course in Miracles, also known as ACIM, is Spiritual Psychotherapy
  • ACIM is a safe, non-judgmental, study group
  • ACIM teaches a non-dualistic philosophy of forgiveness and includes practical daily lessons


  • Overcoming doubt and fears
  • Letting go of guilt and shame
  • Developing a consciousness of miracle-mindedness, spontaneous healing, and non-dual perception
  • Achieving personal self-transformation


We are starting the New Year with newness, our A Course in Miracles group has decided to start from the beginning!

On January 2, we will start our studies from the beginning of the ACIM textbook and Workbook Lessons. If you’re interested in this non dualism, transformational course, this is an excellent time to join us if your new!

How to join online

If you are interested in attending our online group contact

Please call our Office at (530) 895-8395 for the Zoom link & ID Number

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    If anyone needs tech support when opening Zoom. We are happy to help! Please call us at (530) 895-8395 to get any questions you have answered.

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