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The Art of Abundance flyer

Art of Abundance: 10 Rules for a Prosperous life

Learn to let Abundance flow into your life

7 Week Class Science of mind class

In this exciting 7 week class (Every Tuesday) — Learn the 10 essential rules to tap into an abundance of whatever shapes a life worth living to you, including the more intangible things such as an abundance of love, relationships, vibrant health, and the time to enjoy them all.

In January’s spiritual class “The Art of Abundance” facilitated by Sandy Gohlke, R.Sc.P. — a registered Science of Mind Practitioner who has for many years studied New Thought metaphysics. Will be hosting this class for those who want to start a positive and proactive life in the new year 2020

For a flat fee of $90, this class will break down the 10 Rules laid out in The Art of Abundance by Dennis Merritt Jones. To start seeing abundance beyond what author Jones calls the “not enough” consciousness problem. There is enough.

why it matters

“This is not a “prosperity book” about how to get more “stuff.” The Art of Abundance is about learning how to actualize a universal principle which encompasses far more than the amount of money in your wallet, or the size of your home, or the kind of car you drive. All of these things are wonderful and can certainly add value to our lives, but not always meaning.

Manifesting a prosperous life isn’t just about increasing our net worth; it’s about increasing our self-worth.”

Denis Merrit Jones