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Book of the month study group

December’s book is here! You can pick up / order a copy of The Leap : the Psychology of Spiritual Awaking by Steve Taylor in our Room for Thought Bookstore. 

The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritually Awakening – Asks What does it mean to be enlightened or spiritually awakened? In The Leap, Steve Taylor shows that this state is much more common than is generally believed. He shows that ordinary people — from all walks of life — can and do regularly “wake up” to a more intense reality, even if they know nothing about spiritual practices and paths. Wakefulness is a more expansive and harmonious state of being that can be cultivated or that can arise accidentally. It may also be a process we are undergoing collectively. Drawing on his years of research as a psychologist and on his own experiences, Taylor provides what is perhaps the clearest psychological study of the state of wakefulness ever published. 

This is an open group book study class. We meet on Fridays to discuss new titles that focus around wellness and spiritual practices. We welcome people from any background to come join us. Our goal is to create a community the is free to share what they learn form these monthly book titles. You can bring your own personal copy of the book, or order one from our in-house bookstore. If your interested we invite you to come check out our friendly group meetings and lovers of literature. Hope to see you there! For updates about book titles check out our Facebook page  We post weekly about the author and insightful videos about the book. 

If you have any questions you can contact us at (530)-895-8395