Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Bookstore in-person Pick up

You can still order and pick up Monthly Book Titles, the latest Science of Mind Magazine, and “The Power of 8” by Lynne Mactaggart! Our Center isn’t fully ready to completely open back up yet, but we are offering bookstore pick up!

Every Monday from

10am – 2pm

14 Hillary Lane Chico

Dose Monday not work for your schedule? No problem! You can arrange a curbside pick up by calling us at (530) 895-8395. To see if we can have a seva volunteer staff member open the Center’s books tore at another time.

Please wear your mask while at our Center! Thanks, and “Namaske”.

Book store Price Listing

Hand Made Cards | $3 each
SOM Magazine | $ 5.31
Mandala Rocks | individually priced ($5 – $25)
The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown | $16.03
The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart | $18.23