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In the World, But Not Of It: Opening to the Grace and Guidance of Higher Consciousness

In the World, But Not Of It:
Opening to the Grace and Guidance of Higher Consciousness

A 12 Week Class Adventure

Beginning February 21st, 2018
with Scott Wyman

“The enlightened sage abides as the eternal witness, wholly unconcerned, yet intimately engaged, resting beyond all definitions, neither clinging to transcendent freedom, nor entangled by the dualistic world therefore, one with all life.” Adyashanti

Is the outer world responsible for our suffering? Is it possible to live in the world, but not be swept away by its drama and conflicts, to be engaged in reality without letting how others function determine our experience?

In every moment we have opportunities to learn to live in more dynamic and authentic ways. We have become stuck in patterns of living that come from fear and shame, survival patterns that blind us to our True Nature, and to our limitless potential.

In this 12 week class we will learn to attune to That which is beyond the conditioning of the mind, beyond consensus consciousness that we have been trained to substitute for the “Truth that sets us free.”

~ We will explore the “Art of Letting Go”, a way of acknowledging, exploring, and resolving old patterns of thinking and feeling that keep us stuck in old, unfulfilling ways of living.

Through Letting Go we will reverse and resolve our old training in “repression,” learning instead the transforming power of intentionally facing into, and feeling through issues that have haunted us, perhaps for our whole lifetime.

“If we want to learn to live without suffering, we first have to learn to live with it. When suffering is welcomed so completely that there is not the slightest resistance to it, what we were seeking, by trying to get rid of it, is revealed at its heart.” Rupert Spira

~ We will learn to shift from an old, body-based identification, to identification with our True Self, the vast open field of Love-Awareness.

~ We will learn to live in the vibration of the heart’s perception of Divine Presence, purpose, and guidance, rather than the mind’s fear-based interpretations of external circumstances.

~ Every week we will explore and experience these topics with the use of discussion, mantra, pranayama (breath-work), and meditation. These profoundly powerful tools will help us to make the shift from mind to Awareness. We will support one another in the process of understanding and applying a new paradigm of living our lives with passion and purpose. Join us!

“You are beyond the body-mind and personality, beyond all the experience and the experiencer thereof, beyond the world and its perceiver, beyond existence and its absence, beyond all assertions and denials. Be still and awaken to the realization of who you are. In this realization of no separate self, the supreme Reality which you are shines unobscured in all things, as all things, and beyond all things.” Adyashanti


When: 12 Wednesday evening classes, starting February 21, from 6-8 PM.

Where: The Center for Spiritual Living, 14 Hillary Ln, Chico.

Cost: $45 per class (Interested persons for whom money is an issue may make arrangements with the facilitator for a reduced rate. No one who wishes to participate will be turned away.

Facilitator: This class experience will be facilitated by Scott Wyman, M.Div., M.A., a student and teacher of the path of liberation through meditation for over 30 years. A psychotherapist by profession, he has come to focus on the psychospiritual unfolding whereby healing gives way to awakening.

If you have questions about this class, please call: 530-345-0253.

To Register: Click here to email me with your intention to attend. Registration requires a $45 deposit that will apply to your last night of class. Deposits can be mailed to:

Scott Wyman
344 Flume Street
Chico, CA 95928