Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Portrait of Rev. Michael Benson wearing a suit with a blue background

Rev. Micheal Benson

Sunday Inspiration at 10:00AM

Join us for our Sunday Inspiration Service, starting at 10:00am live streamed online through our YouTube channel. Typically we would meet in-person at our Center, However in order to practice safe social distancing practices we will be meeting online for the time being. We can’t wait to connect with you online! “Though we may be apart, we are still connected at the heart.”

Our Center is a safe space for connecting with a loving energetic consciousness. We are open to however you choose to connect with Source, God, Energy – whatever you’re comfortable with calling it – Welcome to a safe spiritual space for exploring and deepening your connection with a loving Divine cosmic energy. We promote a diverse community that uses both lightwork and positive affirmation for living a higher vibrational life. That best utilizes the Law of Attraction to manifest the life of your dreams!

Based on Science of Mind principles created by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

Guided Meditations at 9:30 am

Morning Guided Meditation lead by Registered Science of Mind Practitioner Sandy Gohilke.

** Due to remote work, some meditations may be pre-recorded before Sunday Service begins, and start at a different time than normal. We ask that you visit our YouTube channel for “Guided Meditations” and “Sunday Services”. **