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Science of mind magazine study group

Properly known as, “Science of Mind Magazine: Guide for Spiritual Living”, a metaphysical magazine publication that has been around since 1927 by Dr. Ernest Holmes. “The magazine inspires readers to create happier, richer and more satisfying lives by using spiritual principles. This monthly publication has 40,000 subscribers around the world and a Facebook following of more than 400,000. It is available at Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores and comes in print and digital formats. It is published by Centers for Spiritual Living, which is headquartered in Golden, Colorado.” (Science of Mind Magazine web-page)

“Holmes developed a universal philosophy and tools for spiritual living that profoundly resonate to this day. His work provides us with a personal spiritual path, an understanding of our relationship with the Universe, and a connected and joyful approach to daily living.”

The magazine publications and open group discussions are a great way to refresh your knowledge about Ernest Holmes teachings – or this is great chance for those new to Science of Mind! Each magazine is fulled is with inspiring affirmations, famous quotes, and thoughtful reading material. The magazine also provide insightful updates about activities for Centers for Spiritual Living across the globe!

Science of Mind Magazines now sold in our Room for Thought Bookstore- Ask for the January 2019 edition!