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Tai Chi for Healthy Aging (2x week)

Why Practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi – is a gentle way to reduce stress. Originally started as a form of self-defense martial art in ancient China, that today, has transformed into a graceful form of exercise used to improve your balance and range of motion (flexibility).


Matt Cavender has studied Chinese marital arts for over 43 years. Every week he teaches post-stroke and dementia patients at two local nursing homes how to use Tai Chi fundamentals to learn fall-prevention and healthy breathing practices. Matt has dedicated his life to proving the best personalized care to meet everyone’s unique needs. Weather you are recovering from a surgery, injury, or suffering from a chronic illness such as arthritis pain Matt works with your body to help it recovery.

“Tai Chi for Healthy Aging” is only a $10 donation cost per class. So please take advantage of this wonderful low cost opportunity. You will see immediate results from mindfulness training through the ancient methods used in Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Benefits of a Group Workshop

Practicing with an instructor and in a group helps you stay on track with your fitness routine. This class meets twice a week at a low cost, making it much easier for you to learn and grow as a student.

Let’s be honest there are many online videos teaching the basics of tai chi as well as qigong. But without an instructor present to correct any mistakes, you maybe making the same wrong movements over and over again.

It is great to have guided classes to help you reaffirm the techniques that you practice on a weekly basis.

Meets TWICE each WEEK

Tuesday from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM |Thursdays from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

additional Information

Specialized hydrating water served in class. Since it is essential for staying hydrated during physical activity.

Please wear comfortable loose clothes so stretching is not difficult.

Contact INFO

Call Matt Cavender at (530) 665-9696