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The Art of Abundance – 10 rules for a prosperous life

There is no better way to begin the new year! Start your year off right. 

For a $96 value this class will offer you

  • Create a greater flow of goodness in your life
  • See unlimited abundance beyond current beliefs
  • Identify 10 rules to practice that lay the foundation for a life worth living

Class Facilitated by Sandy Gohlke R.Sc.P. who is trained and registered as a science of mind practitioner 

Required book: The Art of Abundance by Dennis Merritt Jones 

Class Reading

Dennis Merritt Jones explains in The Art of Abundance that we all essentially want the same things: freedom, inner peace, and a life filled with purpose and meaning. He argues that a life of wholeness and peaceful satisfaction is readily available to us–we just need the eyes to see it and the faith to claim it.

 In The Art of Abundance, Jones identifies ten rules, or practices that, when followed faithfully, lay the foundation for a life worth living. In order to make each rule as easy to apply as possible, Jones lays out the premise, the problem, the principle, the practice, and the payoff of each.