Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

It never rains in California…

…only according to that sappy pop song.

Are you building your Ark yet?
This is quite a storm we are having here in Chico and around parts of California.

It was wonderful to be able to stay indoors and work on projects and prepare for service tomorrow and for our monthly Board meeting. (Remember, it is an open meeting and members are invited to attend after service).

I am very excited about our special event this week. Wednesday, December 16
at 7:00 pm with Sound Pioneer and recording artist, Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje) for a Gong Bath. Yes,you heard or read that correctly. (Instead of thinking Chuck Barris, think of your body being saturated, bathed with the sacred sound of gongs, chimes and crystal bowls). This was one of the first events I ever did when we moved here to Chico. After attending my second Bath, I couldn’t wait till we could present it here at Lakeside Pavilion where the sounds will be magnified by our cavernous space.

“Sonam Dorje returns to Chico to create transformational healing waves of sound, vibrationally bathing each participant within the unique rising and falling rhythms, tonalities and healing vibrations of an Earth Gong tuned to the sound of the primordial Aum – the basis of sacred sound therapy, transcendent awakenings and wisdom.”

Richard will lead a Labyrinth walk at 5:00 on our labyrinth that was repainted this Spring. You will then have time to grab a bite and return at 7:00 for the Gong Bath. This is a great gift to give yourself this holiday and “unwrap your presence.” Admission: $ 20.00

*Please bring a blanket and floor mat to lay on. And remember to dress warmly and comfortably.

For more information, visit http://www.sacredsoundandspirit.com/


The Staff has had repeated requests for an audio copy of the Vision I shared with the congregation following our monthly community meeting last month. At first, I was reluctant to make recorded copies of something that was very “live” in its presentation. However, thanks to the editing talents of Rev. Karen, she was able to put my spoken Vision interspersed with the incomparable song, “Grow A Church” written and performed by” by Margaret Owens.

We made 20 copies on audio CD and they are $5.00 each (proceeds shared with Ms. Owens) and will be available from the Office or at the Bookstore on Sunday.

And as I have on my Facebook page from some creative friends, a new way to acknowledge the holidaze:

Chrismakwanzukkah – Saba-Moor Doucette
Solstihanukwanzmas-Melanie Winter

Blessed be!