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There was a catchy little tune back in the 80’s by the group Hot Chocolate, “I Believe in Miracles…”and recently, I kept playing that refrain over and over in my head while I was in the process of supporting a congregant during the unexpected transition of her husband. Thanks to the insight about what she was going through,  I was able to get a new perspective on the word ‘miracles’.
Now,  I see that word as Mirror-acles . . .

As Wikipedia attests, my being a spiritual leader makes the topic of miracles a really good subject to address whether from a pulpit or a blog:

“A miracle is an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature and consequently attributed to a supernatural, especially divine, agency. Such an event may be attributed to a miracle worker, saint, or religious leader. A miracle is sometimes thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature. Others suggest that God may work with the laws of nature to perform what are considered miracles.[2] Theologians say that, with divine providence, God regularly works through created nature yet is free to work without, above, or against it as well.”

No wonder many of us wait for or expect ‘miracles’ to be the Charlton Heston dba Moses kind of event.  When in actuality, miracles are really the day-to-day occurrences that qualify for our holy awareness and gratitude.

Now I have an expanded understanding of miracles as being a reflection of a spiritual truth shared with another – not just a personal witnessing of some grand event.  Hence, mirror-acles. 

This now allows me to be open to even more miracles as I share the spiritual path with those around me.
My charge is now to stay a little more alert to the mirror-acles that may be before me–whether my own or someone else’s.

Rev. DD

Nothing Twice

Nothing can ever happen twice.
In consequence, the sorry fact is
that we arrive here improvised
and leave without the chance to practice.

Even if there is no one dumber,
if you’re the planet’s biggest dunce,
you can’t repeat the class in summer:
this course is only offered once.

No day copies yesterday,
no two nights will teach what bliss is
in precisely the same way,
with precisely the same kisses.

One day, perhaps some idle tongue
mentions your name by accident:
I feel as if a rose were flung
into the room, all hue and scent.

The next day, though you’re here with me,
I can’t help looking at the clock:
A rose? A rose? What could that be?
Is that a flower of a rock?

Why do we treat the fleeting day
with so much needless fear and sorrow?
It’s in its nature not to say
Today is always gone tomorrow

With smiles and kisses, we prefer
to seek accord beneath our star,
although we’re different (we concur)
just as two drops of water are.

~ Wislawa Szymborska ~
 (Poems New and Collected 1957-1997 — Translated by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh)