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Staying Connected during COVID-19

Collage of photos from our community staying connected during COVID-19

To keep our community safe and connected we have decided to continue meeting online through wonderful digital services like Zoom, YouTube live streaming, Facebook, Community Blog posts on our website, and now Instagram! We are continuously working to improve our Center to provide more online resources for you to practice spiritual fulfillment when sheltering in place at home. It’s a strange new world, but we will get through this together! We are working hard to adapt, stay safe, and remain spiritually grounded.

Right now, times are strange, but we believe in our ability to overcome. Keep connecting with each other, connect with your spiritual self, help one another, try new things, get creative, cook together, meditate, exhale fear, and remain centered in love and gratitude. Sending love, hope, health, and happiness to you all. Remember you are loved, you are strong, and you will overcome this!

“Healing is Revealing our Divine Wholeness”

Yearly Theme for 2021

Everyone’s spiritual journey’s is unique and personal to them. At Center for Spiritual Living, Chico we want to facilitate a diverse center dedicated to spiritual growth. There are many ways to deepen your spiritual connection, for some it’s meditation, while for others it’s yoga. Whatever suits you best, our Center is passionate about offering as many spiritual classes for you to learn and grow from. From advanced to beginner classes – we want our local community to always have a Center they can rely on, year after year.

Live by your inner truths. You have the power to “be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

Here is a great resource for meditation at home. See the link below.

Meditation Guide Great articles and videos about meditation and the impact on your life, your brain and your experiences.

Looking for a new read?

Be inspired by our curated list of metaphysical readings, from acclaimed authors like Joseph Campbell and Ernest Holmes. Two literary classics!  

Now available for purchase in our Bookstore! Every purchase you make at our Center’s Book store your money supports funding for quality spiritual classes and events hosted at our Center. Each year we work with specialized teachers, musicians, and artisans who are passionate about their field of study. Help our Center bring even more events like Rumi poetry musicians, Holistic Healing, acupuncturists, and Transcendental Meditation!

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