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November 9, 2009

Today is the anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall in 1986.
A significant time in history when significant separation was dissolved.

Can it have been so long ago? In some ways, given all the strife elsewhere in the world, I have naively thought of the Berlin Wall as a more recent event and often refer to it as a tipping point when it comes to miracles of unification.

It got me to thinking about what walls we as individuals put up around us in our own personal world of affairs.

Lately, it has felt as if there were a lot of walls; or at least, lots of folks on opposite sides of the fence regarding many things going on in our spiritual community. Separation and division. Odd qualities for a group of people that teach Oneness.

There is always a value in representing other opinions and seeing things differently. Yet there are times or issues when it can feel counter productive to the greater scheme of things.

Are there walls that you are seeing? Walls for which you have contributed either the brick or the mortar to build? Whether they are external walls that you see and feel in the external world around you; or the walls that you have built for personal safety, I invite you to be willing to let them crumble.

Using the Berlin Wall as a reminder, let us also use our principles and spiritual tools to navigate us through the challenges and the differences so that we may return our oneness; and continue to explore our diversity and greater purpose.