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Our Community Core Values…

Please Help Identify Our Community Core Values:
Your input is important—YOU are Chico New Thought Center for Spiritual Living!

Your Stewardship Council, Practitioners, and Volunteer Leaders have done some preliminary work for this process of identifying Community Core Values, by honing a list of 75 values with definitions, down to 18 values for you to choose from that most resonate with this spiritual community.

We ask that you take time to read the list of values and definitions on the Community Core Values Survey on the back of this paper; and put a check mark in the box to the left of the seven (7) Core Values you believe are the most important and in alignment for our spiritual community. You have seven (7) check marks—choose prayerfully from heart, mind and spirit. Don’t over-think it; often the ones that resonate first, are the ones most deeply felt and important.

We will be offering this opportunity for input for 4 consecutive Sundays so everyone gets a chance to participate. Fill out your Values Survey only one time and place it in the special ballot box in the foyer. The Community Core Values will be revealed Sunday February 21st at the morning Service and the Annual Meeting following.

Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle and your Stewardship Council