Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Our Ministers

Our spiritual team is here to serve you on your journey of awakening. Please feel free to contact us, 530-895-8395, we look forward to serving you.

Rev. Michael Benson – Staff Minister

Rev. Michael

Purpose:  I  am  here  to  serve  humanity  as  a  joy-­filled  voice  of  love  and  compassion,  to  embrace  the  spontaneous  nature  of  Spirit,  thereby  celebrating  the  abundant  life.
Vision:  To  live  in  the  Wholeness  and  Joy  of the Beloved.

Rev. Kathy Fernandes – Spiritual Director

Rev. Kathy Fernandes
Rev. Kathy Fernandes
Purpose:  To  inspire  and  empower  the spiritual  community to  discover True Inner Greatness and  Wisdom through  Divine  Connection  to  Source.
Vision:  With  Love,  Energy,  Creativity, and Compassion,  I  lead,  inspire  and  empower  others  to know their  True  Inner  Greatness and  Wisdom through  Divine  Connection to Source  so  that  we may  all, in  unity, shine  our light  in  the  world.

Rev. Lisa Carson – Assistant Minister


Growing up in Chico, I fell in love with it’s natural beauty, hot summer nights and loving people. Alas, I had to follow a passion and explore the world…and so I did. Upon my return, after 35 years elsewhere, I am happy to be the Assistant Minister here at the Center.

I hope to make a positive difference in our local, spiritual community as well as the world at large. I want to see the light in others and inspire them to ignite it more fully within themselves. Together, we can illuminate humanity!”

Contact Info: 916-872-7922 or

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Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKeown – Founding Minister

Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKeown is our Founding Minister. She retired in 2008 as Pastor. She is active in our community and a frequent speaker at our Center.

Rev. Christine Jeffers – Staff Minister

Rev. Teri Lerch – Staff Minister

Teri first came to the church in 1994 and began classes because the teaching so resonated with her. She took SOM 1, 2, and 3 in a row and then waited a year before becoming a practitioner. She did not feel ready for this role, so she became a practitioner at the same time that she entered SOM 4 (ministerial training).

Teri’s ministry is with our teens, with whom she has worked with for many years.  Teri completed Chaplain training at UC Davis, which was a 2080 hour process and is now employed as a chaplain at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Red Bluff. She is on the ministers call list and a hospice chaplain for Enloe Hospital. Both of these are volunteer positions. She also volunteers as a police chaplain for Chico’s police department.

Rev. Teri says, “I have changed my life considerably since first coming to the church. Much of the teaching is what I had intuitively believed, but it has given that belief words. I find I am closer to my beliefs and have a Spiritual Practice. I feel empowered in my life. I know that I can do and achieve anything I put my mind to. Life is a blessing and it keeps giving love, lessons, and gifts. It is just waiting for us to happen.”