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On Sunday, October 3rd, we kicked off the Re-Member membership drive. As co-chairs Randy Tenckhoff & I are so pleased with all the volunteers that offered to help at the tables before and after church for the month of October. The first Sunday Kristen Wilson, Marian Welton and Hal Howard collected several new member sheets and renewed commitments for many current members.

If you have thought of becoming a member this is the time to act. Look for the easy one page new member form at the table in front of the entry Sunday before and after church.

There is also a list of all current members at the table. To continue your membership please come by the table and confirm your information.

New this year, Rev. Duchess would like the month and day of our birthday. I know I am looking forward to see what she has in mind to honor our special day.

This is also a great time to sign up for eScrip. eScrip is such an easy…..way to donate to our center. Whether shopping at Safeway, dining at Pasta Productions or Christian-Michaels, or shopping on-line your dollars spent benefit our Center. After you register (quick and easy) on-line, like magic it automatically donates to the Center. No fuss, just rake in the money.

Look forward to seeing you at the membership table this Sunday. Pick up a “Re-Member” sticker and some candy.

Thank you.

Linda Townsend