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Kindness Guided Meditation

Align with kindness in Sunday February 21st’s online Guided Meditation by Registered Science of Mind Practitioner, Sandy Gohlke. “This is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Everything creates a ripple effect, with no logical end” – Scott Adams. Any act of kindness towards ourselves or others generates more acts of kindness. Shift…

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For Inner Peace Meditation

Welcome to our online Sunday Morning Guided Meditation! We invite you to find a comfortable spot, where you can sit quietly and follow along Andy’s Guided Meditation from February 7th 2021. Enter into your own inner scared space with Andy’s meditation “For Inner Peace”. Allow yourself to open in a space you can safely, without…

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Accepting the Divine Gift Meditation

Take a cleansing breathe and relax into this moment with Sunday’s online Guided Meditation “Accepting the Divine Gift” with John Boyle R.Sc.P. In Science of Mind we believe God is an Infinite loving presents that is always surrounding and guiding us. With this meditation we invite you to tap into that loving Divine energy. Start…

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The Power Of Words Meditation

For many January Wednesday 6th, 2021 showed us how powerful words can be. Catch up with Rev. Eileen Brownell’s with her grounding guided meditation titled the “Power of Words”. Rev. Eileen looks for wisdom from both the Christian Bible and Buddhist belief on the throat chakra. Words go from formlessness to form. By using words…

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End of the Year Guided Meditation

Let’s focus our mind together for the new year! Take a deep breathe and sit comfortably with Rev. McKeown-Fish during her end of the year guided meditation. Based on Science of Mind philosophy. Due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions our current congregations has now switched to live streaming online each and every Sundays at 10AM.