Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

“Seva” means selfless service in Sanskrit. We serve others without any expectation of result or award for performing the service.

Bookstore Manager and Books ‘n Bistro:  Sherrie Line-Coil

Assist with display, purchases, organization, and ideas for the bookstore

E-newsletter: Anne Pace

Creates and sends the weekly electronic newsletter

Social Hour: Hazel Carter, Diane Vandewater

Help setup and clean up the kitchen and social hall for Social Hour and special events. 

Torres Shelter Outreach Coordinator:  James Babcock

1st Thursday of the month – With a team from our Center, serve, cook and clean up at the Torres Shelter

Compassionate Care:  Toni Campbell

Share your compassion and empathy by supporting people in our community with visits or errands or short-term needs as they go through distress, difficult times and/or events.

Space Committee: Rev. Michael Benson

Moving and Organizing: Amy Roberts

Design Team (Aesthetics): Connie Asquith

Sunday Flowers:  Mo Baumgartner

Purchase and arrange flowers for Sundays and special events

Sunday Service Coordinator: Sandy Gohlke

Help setup the Sunday Service by putting out signs, ensuring items are in appropriate places, and speakers have what they need

Building Maintenance: Robin George

Help support the integrity of our Center, by performing preventive care and making simple repairs as needed

Teen Group: Mallory Boyle

Youth & Family Coordinator: OPEN

Assist children in spiritual activities and practice; model and engaged in love, acceptance, and mostly FUN

Ushers & Greeters: Lynn Busby

Upon arrival, welcome people to our Center for Sunday services, events and programs. Guide people to facilities, families to nursery and

answer questions. During the Sunday Service, pass baskets around to collect offering with co-ushers

Change for Change Program: Jessica Peck

Every month we choose a local non-profit to benefit from our change collected every Sunday by our community.

Community Engagement: NEED A TEAM LEADER

Find ways for our Center to be part of the community is other Chico events and activities

Events Team: OPEN

Help plan special events, brainstorming ideas and decorations, timing. Show-up, help out, have fun. Assist with set-up and break-down

PowerPoint Team: Crystal Gertsch

Create and During our Sunday Service, forward the PowerPoint slides for Town Crier Announcements and words to songs

Highway Cleanup: Michael Acosta

Love our community by safely cleaning up debris on Highway 32

Yard Maintenance: Jasper Lerch

Show your love of the outdoors by gardening, weeding, watering, mowing, raking and/or cleaning up the grounds of our Center

Office Support Team: Crystal Gertsch

Bring your clerical and organizational skills

Membership: Pat Roux

Welcome Team: April Showers

Providing a friendly follow-up with visitors, the welcome team calls and creates a connection and answers questions.