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All Unfolds for the Good

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. The One Divine Mind is in and of all things. All is connected and moves in harmony with Itself. Rhythm, balance, purpose and intention is expressed throughout the Universe, as all things move in perfect time and space. Wisdom is the nature and Principle the method of this Divine Infinite…

Flexibility and Ease

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. I experience the Life that surrounds me. It is the gentle gliding of the tides sashaying along the seashore in a rhythmic dance. The effervescent, salty water that I can taste and feel upon my face. The glistening moonlight expressing its beauty as it reflects on the imperfectly perfect surface of the vast ocean. God is…

The Essence of Life

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. The Essence of Life embodies all Creation. This Essence is intelligent and creates out of Itself with purpose and intention. The Essence of Life is God and is all that exists.  All that exists, exists because of God; all that exists, exists as God.  I am the Essence of Life; it is…

SOM Treatment for Creativity

Written by Vicki Lopes There IS only the One…one God, Spirit, Great Creator…whatever name is given. The One that has been and always will be…Pure Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence. This Oneness expresses itself Creatively as me, as you as everyone and everything. The Power of this Creativity is as minute as the tiniest organism to…

Centered in Spirit

By Sandy Gohlke, R.Sc.P I begin this day recognizing there is one Source of Good, the Infinite Creator that has created all beings and all life out of itself.  I am one with the all-present Love, Peace, and Intelligence. This is the Truth of my being. I consciously turn towards this invisible something that is…

Divine energy image of female silhouette

COVID-19 Prayer

By Sandy Gohlke, R.Sc.P. Dear  Beloved, Thank you for allowing me the privilege of praying with you today.  I have written this affirmative prayer in the first person so that you can make it your own.  Please refer to it often, every day. Speak this prayer with as much feeling as you can. Know that this prayer, your…