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The 11th of August

In a conversation today with a ministerial colleague, we were ruminating about the fact that our August experience was already full of activities. detours and transitions. Geesh. So much for a lazy summertime…

Before generating a new topic for this week, I know that some folks are still on a learning curve for using the blog. For right now, I am the only one who can ‘post’ (enter) a new topic discussion thread. Therefore, when you as a reader wish to respond, you must opt for posting a comment. And the somewhat cumbersome thing is that to really participate, it requires that you also read folks response comments for each new blog entry posting. It does require that you take the time to click on the small comments link at the bottom of the posting. (It will show how many comments have been added or if there are no comment/responses. This might also require that to catch up with the thread of discussion, you will need to go back to an earlier post and read not only my topic but any responses.

When I read through your comments to me, if there is a particular item or thread that you wish me to write about to start a new discussion, I am happy to do that, too. Because the way this process works best is if we actually dialogue our discussion points. We are working out the kinks as we go along…kinda like life.

For further discussion:

Rev. Kathy made a few important comments when I posted the topic about the size of our church. What I gleaned is that there are different benefits to having a larger church vs. the smaller center. Rick talked about “right-sizing” ourselves.

So, I would like to ask you–how do we determine what is right for our size community? What is the “right” size to be? Is size about the building that contains us or about the size of our purpose and vision?

Your thoughts?

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford