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The Awareness That Smiles

The Awareness That Smiles:

Living in the World of Change & Chaos 

from the Love & Power of the Heart


A 14 Week Class Adventure

Beginning February 22

with Scott Wyman


These are challenging times within which we live. It is easy to feel afraid as we watch how things unfold. Uncertainty, and the tendency for life to take turns that we did not anticipate, or cannot understand creates reactivity in the mind: fear, judgment, and negativity.


But the conditioned mind (ego) is not the only place from which we can relate to the challenges of our life and times. We can learn to respond from the Inspiration, Love, and Power of the Heart. I am not using the word “Heart” here to mean the blood pumping organ, or even the energy center, or “chakra” in the chest. By “Heart” I mean our Essence and True Nature. The purpose of all life experience is to help us to connect with, and live from this Higher Consciousness, known in Christianity as the “Kingdom of Heaven within,” in Buddhism called our “Buddha Nature,” and in the Vedantic tradition known simply as “the Self.”



Our experience of life changes when we come into this Heart, this center within ourselves and encounter there a sense of Self that is Presence (not just present), that is Awareness (not just aware), that is unbounded Love as an essential and eternal state of being. Then the outer life no longer feels threatening. All is seen as an expression of this One Love Intelligence waking up to Itself. In and from our Spiritual Heart, all life is experienced as sacred.


The Awareness That Smiles is a 14 week class adventure that will experientially explore the following themes:

~ What is our Essence and True Nature, how do we connect with it, and what liberating changes take place when we do?


~ How do we tune in to the Inspiration that we need to live our lives more authentically, less reactively, more consciously and intentionally from the Heart?


~How can we more fully invite and harmonize the Heart qualities of Love & Power to face into the present challenges with courage and compassion?


~ How do we use the power of the Heart to address our wounds, our struggles,  our addictions, our codependence, our suffering? How do we let the healing Grace that is present in the Heart touch and transform out lives?


~ How can we see through our own conditioning and unplug from consensus consciousness in order to cultivate and live from Open-Hearted Awareness?


~  How does devotion and surrender deepen our connection the the Heart? Can we come to use every experience of our lives as a deepening into the Heart? Can we learn to live passionately from Higher Consciousness?


~ How does discovering and centering in the Heart change the way that we relate to others? Can we move from ego-centric living (the cause of our suffering) towards the experience of harmony and Wholeness?


Each week we will use meditation, breath work, mantra, powerful clearing practices, and discussion to explore these topics and to integrate truths that have a transformative effect on our lives. Come join what becomes a Heart based community. All of our practices, when done together, take us much more deeply into the Heart than we could go by ourselves.



When: 14 Wednesday evening classes, starting February 22, from 6-8 PM.

Where: The Chico New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, 14 Hillary Ln, Chico.

Cost: $45 per class

Facilitator: This class adventure is facilitated by Scott Wyman, M.Div., M.A., a student and teacher of the path of liberation through meditation for over 35 years. A psychotherapist by profession, he has come to focus on the psychospiritual unfolding whereby healing gives way to awakening.


If you have questions about this class, please call: 530-345-0253.

To Register: EMAIL ME (CLICK HERE) with your intention to attend. Registration requires a $45 deposit that will apply to your last night of class. Deposits can be mailed to:
Scott Wyman

344 Flume Street

Chico, CA 95928