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The Eagle has landed…so to speak

If you are reading this, chances are it is because you saw our little Blog button in the upper right-hand corner of our new website!


It has been a long time coming to get this site up and running and my sincere appreciation goes out to Rev. Kathy Fernandes for her tireless and toiling efforts. Rev. Karen Kahn worked in tandem with her to get the information up and in the right place.

Because of our CSL ‘branding’ we were required to do our website with a relatively new software called, Joomla. Not everyone is familiar with the mechanics of this software and so we had to hire out to get the bulk of the work designed and transferred over from our former site. To that end, we hired Caprice DeLorm from the Pacific Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Forest, CA as our new webmistress. Thank you, Caprice.

Now that we have this instant link to our blog, I hope you will consider checking in more often. And be sure to keep track of our events with our updated website calendar.

Happy October!