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A sign by any other name…

Just drove back to church via the 32 highway and saw that we have our updated sign for the stretch of road the church “Adopted.” Yay! Thank you to Michael Acosta and his stalwart team for the work they do each month and for getting the sign to reflect our new name!

And thanks to the team of people who ‘personned’ the table at the Chico State inagural outreach campaign. They sat under our “Joy is Spoken Here” sign and talked to students about our center. Our InVestors got quite an interesting education of their own.

Because I have had a few emails from folk telling me that they are having trouble posting their comments, I am going to see what I can figure out to rectify that. It was working correctly at the outset and because when I go onto the blog, I show up as the Administrator, I don’t get the same ‘view’ the readers do.

Anyway, I appreciate your patience on this. I am not a techo-geeky as I might let you believe….

Till I get this solved, please feel free to e-mail me your comments or discussion topics and I will post them for you–with our without your name. Here is another comment that tried to post in response to my last blog and the anonymous reply:

” I really appreciate all the information shared in the anonymous comment. It helps me have a broader perspective and the long view of what happened before I arrived on the scene.
And I agree with the direction this person is suggesting. The way I describe our situation, from my perspective, to my friends and family who are not intimately involved with the church is; it’s like having a big beautiful diamond ring. It’s too nice to wear everyday plus it’s an antique so the stone is lose in the setting. And because it’s an antique it’s not quite up to today’s standards and needs some modernizing. Plus I gained some weight so it needs to be enlarged as well. Oh bother, I’ll just keep looking at it in my jewelry box, and love it from afar.

Lovingly Submitted by Eileen Lahey.”


I am on vacation next week, Aug. 31st-September 5th, so there might be a bit of a lull in my responses or posts.

Happy End O’ Summer