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Appreciation Day

Recently, on Facebook and Instagram, there have been various campaigns about Happiness and Gratitude asking people to list three things that make them happy or thankful.   Appreciation Day was a precursor to that as a way of becoming mindful and taking note of what matters to us.

Appreciation Day, August 25th: Personal holiday created by Duchess Dale in 1997 as a non-commercial way to acknowledge and appreciate people, places and things without the construct of an official holiday or necessary shopping trip. This particular date was chosen because there are no other official holidays in August (other than her birthday) and it contains both her favorite numbers.

Ok, after that explanation of how this day began and what it means, it is a good opportunity to really take into consideration the idea of appreciation from a metaphysical standpoint.

When we put our attention and feeling towards something it’s value increases for us and it starts to multiply (hence, the term ‘appreciation’ in regards to material things going up in worth).  We can use this principle to our advantage when it comes to manifesting and demonstrating effects in our lives.

We can also use the principle as an act of kindness or gratitude towards people, animals and things that we wish to show our respect and well, appreciation for what they mean to us and how they influence our lives.

Take some time today to appreciate someone who least expects it.   Your postal carrier, your barrista, your Aunt Jenny or… the list goes on.

Oh, and remember to throw in some appreciation for your self, too.