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August Greetings

It is already Tuesday and I am plowing through the hundreds of e-mails, unpacking the materials from the ICSL, New Thought, New World Conference in San Diego.

Getting caught up is such an odd experience because it feels as if there is much to do that is from before and yet, there is so much to do in the now…

It was my ‘debut’ if you will, as an ICSL minister and I was proud and privileged to be the opening Treater for the Wednesday Rally event at the Conference. This event was open to the public and Rev. James Mellon from the NoHo Arts CSL was the presider as well as giving a talk and singing the opening and closing songs. What a multi-talented man! Also speaking that night was Rev. Nirvana Gayle, from the Guidance Church (UCSL); Dr. Wendy Craig-Purcell from the Unity Center in San Diego; and ICSL’s ever-adorable, Rev. Pat Campbell from the Temecula CSL. The music was awesome with such special guests as Rev. Donna Michael and Daniel Nahmod. It was easy to rally with this line-up.

The keynote guest speakers were Carolyn Myss and Byron Katie. Two amazing and powerful women who continue to have a significant impact on the new thought/metaphysical community. Lots of different ministers from ICSL and UCSL spoke and offered mini-workshops; and on Wednesday, everyone had free time to plunge into the San Diego playground.

The integration of the two organizations continues to be in the foreground of all that we do. And the Leadership Conference . Woven in Love and Leadership scheduled for February 15-19, 2010 in Denver, Colorado near the home of the UCSL headquarters. And the summer conference July 25-29th, 2010 is scheduled to be at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. (It will be so cool to have this important conference somewhere that serves the midwest and eastern Centers for a change). And this week, our UCSL brothers and sisters are having their summer event at Asilomar where many ICSL folks are included in the schedule, too.

After the conference, I rented a car to drive up to Los Angeles for a little R & R as well as a pastoral care visitation. While there, I stayed over so that I could attend Sunday service at the Agape International Spiritual Center led by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith. It was wonderful to be there and see so many familiar faces. Agape does three full services with meditation and music and I was able to attend before driving to visit someone in the hospital in the San Fernando Valley before flying home Sunday night. By the way, I made sure Agape knew I was doing church in CHICO now.
: )

Thank you to Rev. Kathy for her willingness and ability to cover for me last Sunday. I know that she shared with you the many opportunities we are offering to be more involved in creating our community. I was pleased to see we have more ‘followers’ for this blog and probably many more who are not being identified as yet. I know she extended a personal invitation for y’all to join us on August 12th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. to “Meet the Ministers” as a chance for us to share extended fellowship. And a reminder that we will have an all-church Visioning after service on the 30th so that we have a chance for extended spiritual practice together.

See ya Sunday!