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Building Blocks

This blog entry will be a summary and personal perspective of our Sunday, February 13th Annual Meeting. We had 86 members in attendance.

A perfectly gorgeous day in Chico and most everyone in attendance seemed resplendent in their pre-Valentine’s red and white attire. Our Choir sang two beautiful songs to augment the service–which was abbreviated so that we could get to (pun intended) the heart of the matter.

Rev. Karen prayed us in and Board President, Monte Buckhold presided over the meeting. All of our trustees were in attendance. Our loving acknowledgment (including a carafe of tasty jelly beans) to Dale Miller for his service on the Board last year. Monte then presented Rev. Kathy Fernandes who was appointed to fill his vacant position and she joined us on the dais.

Hazel Carter spoke about the luncheon that she and her Torres Homeless Shelter team was preparing to serve after the meeting. She lovingly gave tribute to congregant and team member,Hadley Alger who was killed in a fatal car accident last December, who was very active and supportive of the shelter. We took time to pause in silent remembrance and prayer for Hadley and in support for her family.

We had lots of reports to share: John Boyle gave a lively report about the Youth Ministry including his intention to step down by March 31st as volunteer Youth Director but encouraging someone to step forward into the role that has now been budgeted for a small, monthly stipend. Kristen Wilson shared with us how successful our FundRaising team had been for the church last year in not only raising additional monies but in raising consciousness. With only a little plastic bucket, Kristen announced our newest designated fund, the NEW HOME FUND that would be for any donations above and beyond anyone’s regular tithes. Joni Samples as Board Treasurer gave us updated information on our financial status as well as presenting the projected budget for 2011 which was voted on and passed by the congregation.

Although our hearty lunch was yet to happen, we shared our dessert first. Joan Sill gave an update on the progress for selling Lakeside Pavilion. Pictures tell so much more than words and she asked Monte and I to hold up a sign: SALE PENDING
There were hoots and hollers throughout the sanctuary. Joan gleefully reported that we signed the deal on 2-11-2011. At this time, we are not at liberty to divulge any information about the buyer–we are lovingly referring to as Mr.& Mrs. Smith –nor the details about the sale until the 60 day escrow has completed.

How sweet it is.
And, now new work begins. Connie Asquith, Commander of the New Home Task Force reported that she and her team had begun visiting potential new home sites and had four others to visit after service. Good thing they got an advance start on this process as we are now ready to start packing and move forward.

Member, Rick Mazzucchi asked what he/we could do now to be helpful. The response was to stay in prayer and knowingness so that the closing process continues successfully and effortlessly; and the same effortless success reveals to us our new home Center.

By the way, The Torres Shelter raised $147 from Love Offerings from lunch. And our new New Home Fund raised $615!

Praise the Law all the way around!

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