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Kosmic Kids Memory Game

Affrimation: I am one with the spirit. Spirit means alot to most people. Yet people see the spirit in many different ways. In the science of mind the spirit is “Life or intelligence conceived entirely apart from physical embodiment. It is a vital essence, force, energy, as distinct from matter.” This can be really confusing…

One with Abundance

Written by Sandy Gohlke I quiet my mind and open to the great realization of an abundant Universe. I recognize there is an unseen Presence for good that creates all life out of itself for the purpose of expressing more of itself as life. This One Life lacks nothing. I am one with this One…

Picture of young boy praying with family

Kosmic Kids Gratitude Lesson

Affirmation:I can see the bounty before me. Today, I think it is a good idea to discuss the importance of seeing positivity in the world around us and understanding how living with gratitude can help us grow in many ways. In the past we have talked about mindfulness and a good way to help fulfill…


Written by Sandy Gohlke, RScP, emeritus There is One Mind, One Heart that exists at the center of all beings and all things. As I speak these words I feel a vibration moving throughout my entire body. Through this conscious awareness I know we are all connected. There is no distance or space, no in…

young girl holding a guitar

Kosmic Kids Using Music

Affirmation: I can learn from the music around me.Today your parents and guardians will be tuning into a concert instead of a lesson today. So I thought it is a good Idea to go over what makes music so important. let’s first understand what music is.  This video shows  That music can influence our emotions but it also…

Faith as a verb for kids

Affirmation- I can use faith as a verb. This week your parents or guardians are learning how to use faith as a verb. They will practice acting out their faith. But that concept can be a little hard to understand sometimes. Today was a good day to learn how to use verbs a little better…

image of a flock of birds flying around at sunset

I Fly Freely

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. The murmurations of migrating birds whirling in the wind like thick black smoke. Thousands of birds making hairpin turns, swiftly shifting up and down and all around, creating irregular shapes in perfect unison as they dance to the symphony of Life conducted by the One Infinite Mind. I know that…