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I Am the Health of God

By Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKeown-Fish There is a wholeness that is a self-existent Cause – God, Creator of all.  The divine pattern of God’s perfection is the system operating in, through and as all of life at all times.  This is the Truth of my body right now, even in the face of a world-wide…

Let’s rename the phrase “Social Distancing” to the phrase “Physical Distancing”

by Annalisa Cunningham The world is being ordered to stay home. Shelter in Place.  And for good reason.  The news media is calling this “social distancing,” but REALLY what is being prescribed is physical distancing, not social distancing. We are social creatures. Human beings are innately tribal. We are wired to belong. As someone with Lyme disease,…

New Year with New Thought

Deepening Our Connection – 2020 theme for the new year! Everyone’s spiritual journey’s is unique and personal to them. At Center for Spiritual Living, Chico we want to facilitate a diverse center dedicated to spiritual growth. There are many ways to deepen your spiritual connection, for some it’s meditation, while for others it’s yoga. Whatever suits you…