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Does size matter?

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We are starting to have several readers/followers, so let’s get started with a new thread of discussion, shall we?

Tonight, Don and I had the pleasure of attending a performance of Godspell-Junior” at Theatre, etc. on Hillary Lane. We so enjoyed the wonderful and joyous efforts of a great group of young people. Many of the youth have been or are still a part of our church community; and many of the adults in the audience are congregants. It was a wonderful evening and I am thrilled that we have this creative theatrical venue for children in Chico.

As I sat in the theatre, I was ruminating on the fact that our church community once occupied this building for several years before buying and moving to Lakeside Pavilion.

The building on Hillary is certainly smaller and devoid of windows and light but it was a pleasant space with a nice front porch area and decent parking. I do understand the impulse to expand and to up-level our surroundings. And our facility at Lakeside is without a doubt one of the most beautiful locations you could desire for a Sunday gathering.

When buying or setting up a business, often heard is the familiar old adage that to be successful one need only consider one thing: Location, location, location.

And yet I also know that our current building has its drawbacks and liabilities that wrestle with its obvious assets; and I have heard from many people that they miss the intimacy they had when meeting at Hillary Lane. As we move forward with a new vision, what matters most?

So I ask, does the size of our church building matter? Does the size of our congregation matter? I am not advocating moving to a smaller building merely to achieve a cozier community; nor am I advocating that we stay at Lakeside because it has such glorious surroundings. I am seeking input as to what is important to each of us as to who we are and what we desire in our church space and place.

Please give this important topic some time and prayer and feel free to respond.