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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Karen Taylor Good & Stowe Daily online performance with Center for Spiritual Living Chico two women musicians smiling and standing shoulder to shoulder with short hair in blue

Karen Taylor Good & Stowe Daily performance

10AM Sunday Lesson

What better way is there to learn higher consciousness than through humor and good music? Join us May 30th at 10:00am for a high energy musical performance by two talented guests Karen Good and Stowe Daily! Together they create a powerful style they call StoweGood. When these two powerful women come together they never fail to inspire, motivate, and uplift their audiences!

About the Musicians

Karen Taylor Good is the Grammy-nominated songwriter of “How Can I Help You Sat Goodbye” and other radio hits by Patty Loveless, Al Jarreau, Mellisa Manchester and many others. She has recorded albums and movie soundtracks with Willie Nelson, Al Green and Dolly Parton. Her songs have been used for organizations including ChildHelp USA and the National Hospice Foundation. She is also the author of “On Angel’s Wings.”

Stowe Daily is a singer-songwriter, best-selling author, and recent cancer survivor. She co-wrote the hit song, “Long Time Comin'” for the group Shenandoah. Her album “Angel Chants” was the soundtrack of Angel Stories featured on The Learning channel. She also co-authored five books that were later featured in Toronto’s “I Can Do It!” conference.

9:30am Guided Meditation

If you want to join our Sunday Inspiration service early, we host online guided meditations by licensed Science of Mind practitioners starting at 9:30am every week. Before the Sunday Lesson starts at 10:00am, a guided meditation helps the body and mind relax, allowing you to be open to receiving higher energy and spiritual alignment.