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Happy Autumn!

Hello community!

Happily, today at 2:18 p.m. we could officially acknowledge the equinox and the onset of the fall season. Ahhhhhh…

It has been a very busy time here at CNTCSL.

On Sunday evening, we had our rousing Laugh-In Variety Show here at the Center. It was a wonderful night of entertainment delightfully written and directed by Drenia Acosta and Diana Leadbeater. Many of our church members had various parts in the show sharing the stage with many talented theatre professionals from our Chico community.

I want to thank all the people who put in soooo much time and effort to make the evening possible –and you know who you are! But in case you don’t, we will list the entire motley crew and cast in our October newsletter so that you can know who to applaud and thank both in front and behind the scenes. We had such a full house that we ran out of programs.

It was great to be able to join with many of our local theatres in helping to promote an awareness of the arts and of our Center. It really takes an enormous amount of time and energy to produce even one night of merriment and D & D really did a bang-up job of making it all come together. Thank you. Who knows? It might just become a ‘habit’…. (ya hadda be there).

This week, the internal leadership of the church has come together for a two-night event facilitated by Rev. Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones. This workshop/process is being provided by the church to assist us in bringing our church leaders (Board members, Practitioners, Service Ministry and Staff) into a collective alignment to allow for us to heal the past, release beliefs and patterns that stand in our way, and create a space for our community Vision to begin to take shape and form.

As we have shared in both the community meetings and here on this blog, we have many things on our proverbial plate and some important decisions to be made together in the near future. This workshop is helping all of us to get clear on our individual and collective purpose and the tasks that follow suit. We will have more to share at our next community meeting on Sunday, October 4th at noon, after service.

I am so grateful that Rev. Dennis and his wife, Diane were able to be here at this particular time and give of their talents and experience to CNTCSL. And I appreciate all the movers and shakers–the leaders of this Church who made the commitment to join us for this important opportunity for growth and service. Thank you to the Board for agreeing to sponsor this.

This Sunday, Rev. Karen completes our September theme of “Less IS More…” and our fantastic choir will be in musical support. It promises to be a wonderful Sunday.

You bet your sweet bippy!