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Happy New Year New You

In a talk by Ernest Holmes, A New Year, A New You he said,”The old year passes into the new and heralds in the possibility of triumph, the triumph of the Spirit in us. But it cannot be done by the dictate of some external authority, it can only occur in our own consciousness when faith shall triumph over fear and love over hate and compassion over unkindness. Then at last we shall sing: Unto God be the glory.”

Ain’t that grand to know?

We have the distinct pleasure of being a CSL with our Divine idea and intention built right into our name: Chico NEW THOUGHT Center for Spiritual Living. And we get to dance into this newest of new years with collective consciousness geared toward living, loving and learning together as a spiritual community.

This month, our Center begins to choose and define our desires for the collective highest good– we reveal and “become” outward manifestations of the vision God intends for us.

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Happy NEW year, indeed!

Rev. Duchess