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Where is the Rubberband Man when ya need him?

We are in the final week at Lakeside Pavilion. If you were to stop by you would see familiar faces hustling, bustling, packing and moving all our stuff out of the building to storage or to our new (temporary) Center

(For those of you into synchronicities and ‘signs’, I just want to interject that while I am writing this post, the oldies radio station is playing We Gotta Get Outta This Place by Eric Burdon and the Animals.)

We kicked off our Sunday Easter Exeunt Farewell service with a rousing celebration party on Friday night. Our Pavilion Parting Party was well attended by former members, current members and lots of new faces, too. The photo booth was a creative idea for fun ways to have souvenir photos from the event. The Casino table was popular even moreso when our own Kathleen Terrell shared her dealing skills, too. Lots of wonderful food, drink (great veggie quiche–thank you!) and dancing. Thanks to Ted for volunteering as our crackerjack DJ for the night. As usual Kristen Wilson’s FunRaising Team did a great job; and thanks to all the people who donated, helped out, cleaned up and showed up!

(Now, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass is playing. Am I projecting this or is it projecting me? Amusing….)

On Sunday morning, things were uniquely energized. There was an awareness that this special morning was made so not only because it was Easter but also because it was our final church service at Lakeside Pavilion.

The tears began to flow as soon as the Choir sang their first of three songs for us adding in the three angelic voices of our youth, Mallory and Macy Boyle, and Rhiannon Lang. Revs Karen Kahn and Teri Lerch enhanced our lesson with special readings. And our special vocal soloist, 15-year old Dashiell Provost lent his beautiful voice in a rendition of a perfect resurrection song, You Raise Me Up.

We closed with a Chamber of Prayer where everyone was invited to speak their prayers aloud into the room together. The Choir concluded with Go Out With Joy as the ending song … and so it was.

Now amazing worker bees (too numerous to list) continuing to pack and taking load after load over to the new center; working hard to get us ready for our first church service at the Dorothy Johnson Center this Sunday.

Moving on, is a simple thing; what it leaves behind is hard.” Dave Mustaine