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10:00am Inspiration
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New Thought, New World

Coming to you live from sorta sunny San Diego!

Reporting in from day two of the ICSL Summer conference here at the Sheraton Marina.

Last night, there was an opening BBQ on the back lawn with a beautiful view of the city and steel drum musicians. Got to immediately hug and howdy with Rev. Christine Jeffers, Revs. Michael, Louie and Eileen; Rev. Lani and Rev. Madalyn from Grass Valley; Rev. Pat Campbell, Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse and Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn; and two of my buddies from UCORS, Revs. Bob Grabowski and Donald Graves.

The evening program was Dr. Carolyn Myss who worked us through her latest book, “The Castle” and included bits from her upcoming book, “Defying Gravity” (wonder where she got that title!) Very deep processing work and will make for some wonderful sermon talks down the pike.

I have heard that some folks are having a few issues in getting signed on as ‘followers’ or regulars and I will try to work out those kinks when I get back. For now, if you can, see if you can just post a comment even as Anonymous and just be sure to put your name at the end of your reply comment.

For right now, I will check in and post as often as I can.