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New to You

It feels like it’s been almost a year since we last ‘spoke’…

New year, new page, new post.

Holiday busyness and such, I haven’t written for awhile.
Then I began to wonder if anyone had noticed?

With a new year it is always the right time to re-evaluate old habits. So I wanna check in with you as to whether or not this blog is serving you. We want to hear your ideas, too.

Next month, we will be suspending our newsletter. This means everyone will need to use our other communication venues as their information pipelines: the Sunday program and announcements, and our weekly e-blast mail. Do you think this blog fills a gap?

By the way: Our winter classes are in gear. Sign up at the Information Table on Sunday.

An important reminder that we have our monthly Community Meeting this Sunday after service.

For your viewing pleasure:
If you get a chance, try to catch a viewing of an independent film called “Young @ Heart”. This wonderful two-hour documentary that has also been airing on PBS (KIVE for us in Chico) is a marvelous creative feature that really celebrates the human spirit that defies age.

The Young @ Heart Chorus is based in Western Massachusetts. Bob Cilman, the director, auditions new voices at our weekly rehearsals. The minimum age is 73 and we rehearse in Florence, Massachusetts and you must live within 40-mile radius year round.
The current performers in Young@Heart range in age from 73 to 88.

The film about this group is inspirational, life affirming and reminds all of us that it is never too late.

And so it is.