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President's Day

Amazing how much can transpire in one week…

From the time I reported (here) about our Annual Meeting update, we have had some major changes.

In Friday’s Enterprise-Record, it was announced that our buyer for Lakeside Pavilion is the Chico Area Recreation Department. We were of course celebrating that we had sold the building but all of us are particularly thrilled that the new owner will be CARD.
(You can cut and paste this link to read the article:

Our prayers were that the right buyer would appear and the highest and best good would be maintained for all involved. Yet, our personal desire was to have the new buyer be someone who would use Lakeside in a greater way that would serve all of Chico. Indeed, it turned out to be a win-win situation that manifested in God’s perfect timing.

Now we continue the exciting process of drawing to us our perfect new home for our church center. The New Home Task Force had already begun a search and now have further facts and figures to assist them in narrowing in on our property. As a community, our charge is to ‘hold the Light’ of knowing, affirming, allowing and accepting the perfect new center will effortlessly emerge in a timely manner; and will match our budget and intentions. Thank you.

The other news this week was on a sad note.
Beloved congregant and friend, David Favor passed away on Saturday afternoon. His son, Michael said he died peacefully and was surrounded and supported by loved ones. Our prayers go out to all members of his family, friends and colleagues.

Dr. Carolyn McKeown will be facilitating his memorial service this Saturday, February 26th at 3:00 p.m. at our center, Lakeside Pavilion. The family has asked that donations in Dave’s honor be made to the American Cancer Society.

On that Saturday, I will be flying to San Diego to prepare for the Integration Conference between ICSL and UCSL. Sunday morning, I am speaking at the OM Center for Spiritual Living in San Diego and then the delegates meet that evening at 5:00 p.m. I am very excited about attending this historical event but disappointed that I will be unable to attend David’s memorial. I am glad that I got to see David twice in the last two weeks so that he knew we were there to be of support in anyway I/we could. And I kinda think that David would encourage and endorse my proceeding with the travel plans for the Conference even if it meant missing his service.

And so it is.