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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
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Today is the first day of my Staycation/Vacation hiatus!

For those who were not in church on Sunday, I announced that I was taking a three-week vacation-hiatus to restore, recharge and reJUNEvate. Now that it is summertime and we have accomplished our move(s), I have the opportunity to be “off-duty”. It has been quite the roller-coaster since arriving in Chico almost three years ago and this will be my first chance to take some dedicated and sequential time off.

Life at the Center will proceed quite nicely under the aegis of Rev. Karen Kahn as the “Minister on Duty”; and Eileen Lahey continuing in her position as Operations Manager at the Center on Mangrove. Rev. Kathy Fernandes is speaking this Sunday; John Boyle is speaking on Father’s Day and Rev. Karen completes the Sunday line-up for June. Who could ask for anything more?

My goal is to read, write, rest, read some more, meditate, contemplate–did I mention read?– and maybe do some neglected projects around the house. I do have one short trip next week that had been planned since the first of the year. My high school drama teacher, Marilyn Moody is being inducted into the Fairfax High Hall of Fame and several of her students will be going to Los Angeles to participate in the tribute. I am very excited and proud to be speaking in honor of her as well as another teacher, Mr. Biegel and also our principal, Jim Tunney.

For day one of my vacation,the weather was absolutely perfect in Chico. After breakfast, Don and I went to the polls for the local election to vote on Proposition A. Then I indulged myself with a trip to the library looking for books to read (as if I needed more).

On the way home, Don and I had the opportunity to assist with a dog that we quickly guessed and somehow gotten away from home. She was a beautiful big, brown pitbull mix with quite the happy go-lucky temperament and that gait that any dog owner knows as one of “I’m not supposed to be out running around right now but it is so fun to be freeeeee!” I got out of the car and easily grabbed her so I could call out the phone number on her tag to Don to call her owner. As I went to get her some water she got away. Don had to retrieve her from across Mariposa while I got an extra leash, stuffed toy and kibble treats. Her owner arrived and could not figure out how she had escaped but was very grateful that we had been able to occupy her.

As we arrived home, our neighbor shared that she needed to take her elderly cat to the vet today to be put down. I told her that I was off work today and would be happy to drive her. She seemed greatly relieved as that allowed her to hold the cat in her lap instead of crating her. I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to be of Animal Kinship service and be there to pray with ‘Piggy’ as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

It is wonderful to take note of how Spirit works in strange and mysterious ways. I was in the right place at the right time. When we allow ourselves to be open to the natural flow of Divine Order, miracles like these two seemingly serendipitous events, happen all the time.

Happy Sssssssssumertime.
See you when I return on June 28th.

Rev. Duchess