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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Hands holding a wax candle. Candlelight. Stock image of hands cupping a lite candle.

Taize 2020 Service

We have adapted from the typical in-person Sunday service method to connecting safely online in Zoom. Join us for Sunday November 29th’s Tiaze Service – lead by Science of Mind Practitioner, Sandy Gohlke.

Not familiar with Taize? The name comes from the monastic order located in Taizé, France. Originally practiced by Roger Louis Schutz-Marsauche (known as ‘Brother Roger’) in 1940 towards the ending of World War Two. As an evening time meditative, or mantra-like prayerful silence. That connects us deeply to the Divine Presence around us and within us. Taize typically uses a candle-lit environment to focus your intention on a short and repetitive message of love and connection.

This Taize we invite you to feel blessed, loved, and grateful in this present moment. Our Center respects the many religions and spiritual trisections of the world, and each year we light 10 candles in honor for each one.

Candle 1 – honors Taoism for teaching harmony and equilibrium of the natural way. Candle 2 – honors the shamanic traditions of indigenous people around the world. Candle 3 – honors Hinduism for devotion and action. Candle 4 – honors Judaism for ethical living and sacred law. Candle 5 – honors all forms of Buddhism for the 4 Noble truths and teaching compassion. Candle 6 – honors all forms of Christianity for Christ consciousness as the path of love. Candle 7 – honors Islam for the call of God as the highest calling. Candle 8 – honors Bodhi tradition for teaching uniting and peace. Candle 9 – honor New Though for metaphysical teachings of spiritual and emotional healing. Candle 10 – honors all paths that brought you here today.

See our list below of music and song titles below:

“There is Only Love” by Michael Gott

“Face of God” by Karen Drucker

“I Am So Blessed” by Karen Drucker