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10:00am Inspiration
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Hello from sunny Chico, California where I am happily vacat…er, staycationing this week!

Yes, this is my first week of vacation time this year (the church conferences even though they involve travel, don’t count as vacations) and I have chosen to stay home and not travel nor do e-mail and such.

One of the reasons I chose this week to ‘stay at home’ was as a honorary bridge into starting my second year here in Chico and at CNTCSL. If there had been a monastic retreat nearby I might have gone away to that to contemplate my new year but instead, I am staying close to home, hearth and hubby.

RKK posted a new reply to my previous post, “Use Alt Routes” to which I want to call your attention. We are moving forward as Spirit directs us (thanks to the 46 people who shared the all-church Visioning process last week) and our Community Meeting on the 13th will play a significant part in that- so mark your calendars now.

Well, back to the lazy, hazy life of a stay-at-home Pastor.

Have a wonderfully unlaborious Labor Day weekend.

Rev. DD