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Summer's almost over…

Even though the season of summer will be around for awhile longer, regular school is back in session and by next week life in Chico returns to ‘normal’. Not only does our choir return to rehearsing, CSU is geared up and running, too.
So, it feels like this is the last lazy week of our summer break.

Lazy? Ha!
Things are hoppin’ and poppin’ around CNTCSL.

Primarily, we are gearing up for the first time, to be a presence on the CSU campus. Next week as the students arrive and assemble, we will spend four hours a day for four days at a booth ( technically, just a table…) on the campus offering literature about our Center and our teaching. We are putting together a team that will be stand/sit at the table to make our presence known.

Before coming to CNTCSL, I shared that my Vision was to bring our Science of Mind & Spirit teaching and principles to the young adults and campus. We weren’t able to make that happen when I first arrived but this year we are ready. It’s that time of year again and we feel ready to let the students know that they have spiritual options.

From 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. you can find us near the Performing Arts center where one or two people will be handing out literature. It would be wonderful to have several community members there to help generate energy and answer questions about our church community, so please consider coming by during those hours.

I know that many if not most of us, wish we had known about Religious Science and/or had a church and community like ours while we were growing up. Our unique spiritual community is now poised and ready to offer this spiritual way of life as an option to the young adults of this community and the world.

See ya on campus!

Philosophically yours,
Rev. DD