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The shortest day of the year…

..and after this busy weekend, I am glad of it.

Today, is the Winter Solstice and it means Autumn is done and we are officially into the winter season. Just in time for Christmas, dontcha think?

Alluding to the busy weekend, I can share that on Saturday, I officiated a memorial service in Roseville; on Sunday, we had a festive and full church service, Don’s birthday, a sick kitty, and our first candle light service for the holidays. Whew.

Our Choir and Madrigal Singers were exceptional last night. Their voices along with the musical support from Alice on piano, Doug Evans on flute, Rev.Kathy on guitar and Pam Ames on drums filled the room full of musical cheer and harmony. It’s really a blessing that we get to do two services–not only to allow for others to attend on Christmas Eve but because double the pleasure, double the fun.

After service last night, I was speaking with a congegant who shared recommended that Don and I take a little drive to view some holiday festivity and creativity. So after everything was calm and quiet, we drove up Esplanade and turned right at the Rice Bowl (which I believe is Lassen Avenue) and went one short block. There as she had said was a house on the corner with extensive decorations and lights adorning it. In the front yard was a sign that advised us to tune to a specific radio station which began playing recognizable instrumental Christmas tunes. As the music played, the lights danced in time to the music! It was wonderful. We found ourselves staying for three songs to watch the creativity that this household and put together for everyone’s enjoyment.

The closing song was a now famous, YouTube holiday video with music by the TranSiberan Orchestra that showed a similar display of lights flashing on and off in synchronous rhythm to the music. Don was sure that this is what must have inspired the residents to create this audio-visual display.

On the sign it also stated that the display ran from 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m (probably a good thing for their neighbors) and we had arrived just in time for the final round as 10:59 popped onto our car clock. The sign said, “Happy Holidays from the Harris Family” Indeed.

I plan on sending them a holiday card in appreciation for their time, treasure and talent that they generously share with their community.

If you can plan an evening errand and drive by Lassen and Raphael, you won’t regret.
Hey, you can go over after Candle Light services here at our Center on Thursday at 7:30. (Not a shameless plug…)

Happy Holidays!
With glad tidings,
Rev. Duchess