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The Uncharted Heart: The New Discoveries in Science That Are Changing Our Relationships to Ourselves and the World

In this illuminating conversation, Gregg Braden discusses the tantalizing scientific discoveries that reveal the hidden power of the human heart—and the connection to the deepest mysteries in our understanding. New evidence that our hearts contain a life-affirming “on-demand” intelligence invites us to reassess who we are. As we embrace these revelations, we open the door to so-called mystical experiences: precognition, spontaneous healing—even the reversal of aging. Touching on six perennial questions both indigenous and modern people have been asking in the face of a changing world, Gregg demonstrates how the old scientific thinking is being overturned, leading to an empowering conclusion: We are more than we ever imagined. In closing, he offers a technique to shift your focus from the world around you to the world within you and thereby harmonize your cranial brain with the “little” brain in the heart. Bridging knowledge and experience, you can achieve heart-brain coherence . . . and inhabit a space of untold possibilities.