Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

We dood it!

Huff. Puff. Whew.
As of today, I can declare that we have achieved movedom!

Sunday, May 1st we had our first service at the Dorothy F. Johnson Center. The amazing and almost seamless efforts of Eileen Lahey and her team –headed up by Karl Tenckhoff– transported all the equipment and essentials needed for us to “do church”.

Alice played the Clavinova (portable keyboard); Adam set up the sound system; Toni and the Hospitality team got the kitchen ready for fellowship; Spring Toms and Rick Mazzucchi set up the information table and signs; youth workers arrived to set up and we had our first prayer circle at 9:15.

We had a large turnout for meditation that was led by Connie Asquith. Connie played two songs perfect for the occasion by Kathy Zavada; and then shared a Rumi poem that seemed so fitting: “You wander from room to room looking for the diamond necklace that you’re already wearing around your neck.” Connie reminded us that we are the diamonds.

One of the biggest plusses we noted right away was the excellent sound and acoustics in the room. Everyone could hear every word, every note. And let’s note what beautiful music Samantha Francis sang for us on Sunday. She is an extraordinary vocal talent and we are blessed when she can come to visit.

We don’t have the kinks worked out nor all the details in place for all the aspects of a Sunday in place yet the community seemed very positive about our temporary digs.
Many folks commented on how cool it is to have the outdoors options right outside the center that would allow us to play basketball, have a picnic or more!

Moving our attention to the Center office site …
We have already had one choir rehearsal, one book study group and class that met at the Center. As we move into this month, we will be in a “trial and error” mode to see what works, what doesn’t. What we need, what we want,etc. Our goal is to use the Center as a multi-purpose Center to allow for as many events and classes as possible concurrently.

This week, our phones and Internet service were installed (thank you Comcast and Keith!) and the amazing organization whirling dervish dba Rev. Karen, put together the copy center area with the cabinets fully stocked and supplies accessible.

Now we have the time and space available to get our bearings and begin to reveal Spirit’s divine idea for us as a Center in service and expression. This may require patience, tolerance and compassion from all of us as we roll our the new paradigm–which will ultimately include our permanent new home.

For now, your continued support in prayer and presence makes it all worth while.