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Mark the Milestones of your Life with a Sacred Ceremony

Whatever the special occasion, we can help you create memorable expressions of your love and life. We offer the sacred space and work with your wishes whether it is connected to a spiritual tradition or just the spiritual nature of our humanity. Ceremonies can take place either here at the Center or at your chosen location.  You do not have to be a member. Please call 530-895-8395.

Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Holy Union, Renewal of Vows

We would be honored to support you in creating your unforgettable moments for your wedding, commitment ceremony, holy union, or renewal of vows. We work with you to ensure that you fully express your commitment to a loving relationship, assisting you in writing your own vows or providing sample ceremonies from which you can create your own personal ceremony that expresses your spiritual commitment to this loving relationship.

Christenings or Blessings

We can create a special ceremony to christen the new born in your life or perform a blessing ceremony for your pet.

Memorials, Funerals, End of Life Celebrations

When a dear someone or a dear pet has moved on into the next dimension, it is important to honor and celebrate the love and life that is forever connected to our hearts. Let us create that ceremony that recognizes and honors the Divine Soul that expressed Itself in form for a period here on earth.