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Community Connections

Community Connections is about learning together and sharing your personal truth in a safe non-judgmental environment. Where you will meet possible life-long friends and dedicated healers and instructors who work hard every week!

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Why do we ask for donations?

Each class asks for a donation cost, also called a “love offering” and usually range between $5 – to any amount of your choice.

Our Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that uses all of those donations to support future and continuing classes and events. We believe these unique spiritual tools help people transform their lives for the better. Our Center promises to provide quality low-hurtle and low-cost spiritual events to everyone.

Spiritual practices matter because they allow people to deepen their spiritual connection within themselves. Finding a class or group that is fulfilling and meaningful is always worth the effort and the reward is priceless.

List of Community Connections (A-Z)

A Course in Miracles

Discuss lessons from the book “Course in Miracles.” The book teaches you how to develop a consciousness of miracle-mindedness.

Free Holistic Healing

This monthly event is open to anyone and everyone that wants to benefit from stress releasing practices like reiki, massage, biofeedback, tai chi, qigong, and sound healing.

Law of Attraction

Deepen your understanding of the energy you emit back into the Universe. Your energy attracts what the Universe sends back to you. Learn how to align with your inner emotions to change your frequency.

Science of Mind Magazine Group

This fun weekly group discusses and reviews articles from the Science of Mind Magazine.