Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

We have several groups that meet on a regular basis. These events are normally posted on our Homepage under “Weekly Events”.  Our group meetings really enjoy sharing and learning together as a connected community. Feel welcomed to come see what our Community Connections has to offer you. You will find the dates and times in our Community Calendar

SOM Magazine Circle

Join this weekly group to discuss and review articles from the Science of Mind Magazine.

Course In Miracles

Join this weekly group to discuss lessons from the book “Course in Miracles.”

community Brain Circle

Join this monthly group to discuss learning and the brain. Which is very important for our motto “Changing your Thinking, Change your Life.”

Mindful Movement

Join this weekly group to regain balance. Work with a trained and experienced instructor – Matt Carver, whose goal is to help motivate you and bring more movement back into your life. 

dances of universal peace

Join this monthly group meeting, normally instructed by Rev. Lisa Carson – who uses chants and rhythmic song techniques to get our bodies moving. Dance is an ancient form of personal expression and spiritual expression. Move to your own inner beat with this fun and interactive class! 

Book of the month

Join our Book of the Month Study Groups. Every month a new book title is selected from our bookmark-calendars (pick up a copy from our foyer). To inspire open-group discussions about the deep messages from the author, and how they relate and broaden our understanding.