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LOOKING FOR a place to rent in chico?

find the event venue you need

At our facility we house a large number of rooms, ranging from a full sized kitchen, three clean restrooms (two gendered and one non-gendered), a stage, and dining hall that will make a great venue space for any event. Whatever type of event you have in mind, imagine it equipped with the tools you need.

From corporate meetings, lectures, presentations, silent auctions, classes, workshops, demonstrations, CARD and Girl Scout meetings too. We have the equipment and space layout design to meet your needs with professional lighting and screen projection. With so many different events, the possibilities are endless! See each room and it’s details below.

1. rent our Main event Stage

we have the stage equipment you need

Our stage area is equipped with a pull-down projection screen and ceiling mounted projector, perfect for presentation slideshows or video presentations for large audiences. Our seating area can be changed into different arrangements. Choose from a theater setting – with all the chairs facing the stage, tables for group meetings, or remove all the seats to open a dance floor. Create custom lighting to spotlight speakers at the podium, or adjust to multicolored lights for musical performances. The stage room can seat up to 170 people and is very versatile.

Rent stage venues in Chico ca

Screen projection & stage lighting

Customize light settings and make full use of our projection screen to display images and videos

Stage equipment for rent, and stage event for rent in Chico ca


Cover the projector to keep the focus on the speaker only. Great for lecture speakers without a digital media to present; or during performances.

Available spaces for rent, and event venues in Chico, ca

Audio & sound systems

Let yourself be heard with clear audio and acoustics.

Lectures & meetings

Bring your next group meeting to the next level. Set the seats around tables to create designated areas of discussion. Not just perfect for performances, but also public speakers.

deliver a speak at Center for spiritual living, chico, a rent-able space in Chico Ca

PROFESSIONAL Presentations

Spotlight lectures or meetings with an array of unique light settings

2. rent our Event Hall + modern kitchen

A Cozy Dinning Hall, Perfect for celebrations

The Lofftus Hall is a large space that will make a great setting for dinning hall type events. There is an open wall divider to see into the kitchen area, which also has the option of a pull-down screen. To best set up the Lofftus hall we suggest maximizing the amount of light by opening all the windows to fullest capacity. We have used this hall as a yoga class studio, and for group meetings such as our Seva Teams (volunteer work groups).

The kitchen area is spacious and houses large modern appliances, useful for bake sales and other events that offer food services. See what room best serves your next event by reviewing the photos below.

“Design your own space”

Rent-able spaces in chico ca

easy access to kitchen

Themed events

Host parties, anniversaries, and classes.

+ modern kitchen appliances options

Lofftus Hall is a blank canvas for your celebrations. Turn this space into anything you can imagine for your next big event.

Full Kitchen

Modern + Versatile, complete with a dishwasher, two-sided sink, large refrigerator, and counter space.

Coffee Services +

We offer coffee services during your important events.

3. Rent our Room for reflection

Lounge area for socializing & small Classes

Turn this room into your events comfortable lounge space for socializing. This space can be used for more intimate, small meetups and / or class sessions. Let our communal seating spur up conversations and ignite class discussions.

Casual Seating

Can seat up to 10 people. Perfect for smaller groups looking for a cozy space.

4. rent our Room for thought

a productive meeting space

This space can be set up as a refreshments area. As we have set it up in the past. We brought in tables and arranged serving plates of food so people could create an organized line to serve themselves. This room has also served for many group meetings since tables and chairs available with a new white board and pen set. Our board meetings happen here on a regular basis and we will be more than happy to give you setup inspirations.

Main features & key SUGGESTIONS

Keep your meetings organized & productive with our white board and colorful pen sets.

White boards & TV screens

A perfect space for holding meetings.

Rent venues in Chico ca


Turn this space into your creative vision.

Contact us for details & available spaces

Questions? Please call us at (530) 895-8395

important notice

Not facilitating wedding ceremonies at this time. Thanks!